Anthony’s Story: Why PLU?

Hello All! My name is Anthony, and this is my story of how I got to PLU.

Anthony 1
During my senior year in high school, I wasn’t really interested in going to college. I remember my mom telling me that I should go to college to better myself and to just try and find a place that I love.  When I was applying for schools I had no idea where I wanted to go so I look a test online, “What is the perfect college for you?” I took the test and a school came up with 100%! Now this school was in Virginia, and no one had ever heard of it so I began looking for schools by myself and not trying to take the easy way out by taking quizzes online. I remember going into my college connection center in my high school and begging them to help me find a school. Admission counselors would come from many different universities to talk to students at my school and I would attend the talks. One day an Admission Counselor from PLU, Hannah Middlebrook, came to talk. I decided to attend and after hearing  about the school, I was hooked! The school sounded like a perfect match for me because it was in the Pacific Northwest (which is where I preferred my school to be), it was a Lutheran school, and they had programs and clubs I was interested in. I told my mom that I wanted to go visit the university, so we did. I went and took a tour of the school, I got to talk with a theatre professor, and even speak with actual students about what they thought of the school. It was great! I remember seeing myself attending the school the following year.

AnthonyNow that I am actually attending PLU, I can honestly say I LOVE IT! I am a first year, who is undeclared and has many hopes and dreams for the future. I am involved with the theatre program here on campus, acting in 3 productions, also apart of Clay Crows, which is our improv group. I love that improv team dearly! They took me in as a first year and I can honestly say I felt like family from the first day. I am also apart of the crew team (rowing), and a tour guide around campus. PLU is the perfect match for me and I can’t wait to see what it has to offer as I continue my education for the next 4 years!


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