Jessika’s Story: Why PLU?

JessikaI chose PLU because it is where my dad, two uncles, two aunts, one cousin and grandparents went to school. At first the strong family connection made me skeptical, I didn’t want people to think I chose PLU just because it was where so many members of my family had gone before me. But after attending Fall Preview Day during my senior year of high school, I knew PLU was the place for me. The campus was gorgeous and it was a place that I could see myself. I loved the fact that it was a smaller school with smaller classes; that was something that I wanted in a school. But for me, what really sealed the deal was the Natural Science breakout session. I remember sitting in Leraas, the big lecture hall in Reike Science Center, and looking over at my mom and telling her that this it was now my goal to take a class in that room. Grocery BingI just loved the feel of it, the giant periodic table on the wall, the big row of whiteboards and the professor in the front giving information about all the different programs that a student can pursue in the natural sciences. After that, PLU was my top choice and it was one of the best decisions I have made.


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