“Proud I am able to call myself a Lute”- Andrew’s Story

T-Staff Color RunI chose to attend Pacific Lutheran University, because it fit my academic interests, is thought of highly by employers, and was close to home.

I grew up in Bonney Lake, WA and did not even start seriously thinking about what college was best for me until my Junior year of high school. I had many friends that went to Western Washington University so I visited frequently and loved the environment. I narrowed my college choice down to University of Washington, Western Washington University, or Pacific Lutheran University. What made me finally choose PLU was the proximity to my family, it’s globally focused education, and the tight knit community that is so evident on campus. I desired to study either Global Studies or International Relations, and I am so pleased with the Global Studies program that is here at PLU. It has allowed me to find new passions that I would not otherwise know that I possessed through the studying of Economics, Anthropology, Religion, Political Science, and History courses. After considering psychology, environmental studies, political science, and anthropology as a second major, I finally decided to pursue Religion as my other major. This decision is one that I am so happy I made. The insight to historical and modern day events that are occurring that religion has allowed me to realize is vital to understanding the complexity of issues around the world. I am also minoring in Greek which is something I never even thought of as an option before attending PLU. It is such a rich language to study, and it is fascinating to discover how many of English grammar and words are derived from Ancient Greek.

Currently in my four classes, three of them are taught by a professor who wrote a book that we are studying in the class, and my fourth professor personally knows most of the authors we are studying and has worked extensively in two of the countries we have examined through case studies. Their expertise is so evident and it is amazing to work so closely with such accomplished scholars.

Since coming to PLU, I have discovered that a passion of mine has always been teaching, and I had just not reflected on how much I thrive off of a classroom environment before coming here. My new goal is to pursue a Masters of Education here at PLU after graduating in 2015 with my degree in Global Studies and Religion.Spring Soiree

The deep and sincere friendships I have made here at Pacific Lutheran University are one of the things I hold the dearest. Everywhere one goes, they are bound to meet some unbelievably inspiring and truly amazing students, faculty and staff here at PLU. Since day one at PLU, it has been overwhelmingly obvious that some truly amazing things are happening here, and I met some of my closest friends that I know I will stay in contact with post-graduation, my first weekend at this institution. The more people I have met, come to know, and collaborated with, the more proud I am to be able to call myself a Lute.


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