Josh on Psychology, research, and life-changing professors

Josh and his theatre crew!

I chose PLU because of it’s academically focused, hardworking, and welcoming community.  My time spent at PLU thus far has been a true life

A faculty member that has especially impacted my life while at PLU is Professor Katie Crowell of the Psychology Department.  Dr. Crowell is a new professor here at PLU and is currently teaching my Personality Theories Class.  Even though she has only been my professor for a short while, she has impacted my life in so many ways.  On the first week of classes she had approached me after class and started talking to me and asking what my specific interests were in Psychology.  I had told her that I was interested in identity development, body image issues, and LGBTQ issues.  She then set up an appointment so we could sit down and further talk about my interests.  By the end of our 1 1/2 hour talk she had asked me to become her research assistant on one project and was going to help me with a project of my own research.  She has not only influenced me to learn and expand my interests within Psychology but she has also shown to be an amazing friend.  She has been able to help me out with the stresses I go through on a daily basis, help steer me to the right direction for my career, and has come to support and cheer me on at my improv shows and other theatre productions.changing experience. Each professor I have had wanted to learned who I was and has pushed my critical thinking to the max potential.  The professors I have had here have inspired me to learn and to go out explore my options, inside and outside of PLU.

I have met people here that have truly influenced and changed my life, as well as the person I am to this day.
Josh in KHP

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