Craig Chamberlain… Why PLU?

Hey everybody! My name is Craig Chamberlain and I am a senior here at Pacific Lutheran. I am graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. A few years passed by before I decided to declare math as my major. Believe it or not, I changed my intended about 5 different times and am still graduating in four years.

All of my life I have been around PLU. Ever since my brother  and sister, Brent and Brie, went here, I have been hanging out in the residence halls, throwing the Frisbee, or experiencing various PLU adventures. I was so sure when I was younger that I would never come to PLU because my siblings went here and I wanted to start my own legacy. However, that quickly changed when I took a tour of PLU’s campus and felt like I was home. From then on out I knew I had to come here!

601209_444301585638120_1976027814_nAs of the last two years I have been involved in PLU Reign, the ultimate Frisbee team at PLU. We have travelled anywhere from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to play in nationally competitive tournaments! Also, we have been playing in our regional tournament to go to nationals the last two years, but have fallen just short each time. I currently work for the Office of Admission giving tours and hosting lunches (hint: come visit!)  as well as volunteering in the elementary schools around this area.

Ever since my first day moving into Tingelstad Hall, I have felt as if this is my home. I have gained life long friends and most importantly, received an education that is second to none. If I had to do it all over again there is no choice – PLU would be my 1st pick!


Good luck with your college searches!


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