Spring Update


We’re approaching the last few weeks of spring semester – things are getting busy! Our tennis season just wrapped up, and I’m enjoying the chance to hang out with my teammates without being drenched in sweat. Do you like the spiffy outfits we wore at our last practice? That’s me in the yellow Power Rangers shirt and tutu.Image

In Tingelstad’s residence hall council, we are still cranking out fun events and program for residents to attend. Our all-hall retreat was this week. We rented out a theater to watch Jurassic Park in 3D, and the room was packed! It probably didn’t hurt that the theater seats were reclining sofas. On the schedule for the next month: a video game tournament and a Mariners game with Pflueger Hall!

I am also excited for Relay for Life later this month! At Relay, the PLU community walks, runs, or dances around the track to celebrate, support, and remember those impacted by cancer. My wing in Tingelstad had our own “team” last year and raised $250 for the American Cancer Society! Another one of my friends, who was a Resident Assistant (RA) in Foss Hall last year, raised the most money out of all the wings in Foss. She practiced for her upcoming marathon during Relay – and then got pied for her hard work!Image

Hope you are having a great Spring semester too!



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