Jessica Lenczycki: From Ft. Collins to Hinderlie


Hello! My name is Jessica Lenczycki and I am a sophomore at Pacific Lutheran University. I am studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. With my degree I want to attend graduate school to become a Physician’s Assistant. My minor is in Women’s and Gender Studies because I am fascinated by and passionate about the social issues, challenges, and solutions that involve women and the way society addresses gender.

I am from Fort Collins, Colorado, and had lived there all my life before coming to Pacific Lutheran University. I chose PLU for many reasons, the most important being that it was the only college I considered where I could really picture myself living and learning. I love the Pacific Northwest as a region, and was ready for a big change from Colorado. I was also looking for a school that was not so big that I would feel lost in the crowd, but not so small that my opportunities would be limited. PLU felt like the happy medium, where I was a name instead of a number but could still choose from a variety of academic programs, activities, and local resources.

It was important to me that I would still be able to pursue things that I was passionate about without necessarily having to devote my life’s study to it. I loved doing theatre in high school and was eager to get involved without majoring or minoring. Last year I was an usher, stage managed a one-act, worked on technical crew for a student-directed play, and assistant stage managed for a main stage show. I get my fair share of on-stage time as well as a member of Clay Crows, PLU’s premiere improvisational troupe. I have also recently joined a club called Progress, which raises money for the local children’s hospital so that families can afford healthcare, especially for critically or terminally ill patients. We recently had our annual ‘Sign Me Drive’, in which my friends paid a dollar to write or doodle on me with markers.

Jess L. blog

One of the things I was worried about attending Pacific Lutheran University was the cost of tuition as a private school. However, the financial aid package I applied for and received made PLU the most affordable school I was considering – even more affordable than an in-state public school. My financial aid package consists of scholarships, grants, loans, and federal work study. I have two different jobs on campus to fulfill my work study: working as an office assistant for the Registrar and being a Red Carpet Club host. I really feel like both these jobs are teaching me valuable organization and communication skills that I can use later on in life and in my career. The part-time hours I work fit nicely around my busy academic schedule so that I have plenty of time to study.

Currently I am taking Organic Chemistry, Invertebrate Zoology, Women and Philosophy, and Theological Studies on the subject of Women and Evil. It would be difficult for me to choose a favorite class because they are all so different! I like the lab aspect of my Chemistry class because I get to work at my own pace to fully understand how to facilitate reactions and test chemicals. My professor for Zoology is extremely knowledgeable and always supplements the text with interesting facts about each organism. My Philosophy Class facilitates fascinating discussions on how society views women throughout history, and Women and Evil always has the most interesting readings from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim teachings.

Of course, I make time in my schedule for fun as well! My friends and I love to check out local restaurants on the weekends (Farrelli’s on Garfield Street has the best breadsticks!) and I’m always up for a movie night in a residence hall room or common lounge. There are always plenty of events on campus as well, especially in the different residence halls. My favorites are the Hinderlie Toga Party, and not just because that’s where I happen to live, and Pflueger Pfright Night, which is a Halloween-themed dance.

Thank you for your interest in Pacific Lutheran University! I would encourage you to get as many students perspectives as possible and get more information on your personal areas of interest. Best of luck on your college search!


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