PLU or Hogwarts?

When you read your acceptance letter to PLU did you feel a little bit like you were being invited to attend Hogwarts? I know it did for me! We take Harry Potter books and movies pretty seriously here at PLU! We had a Harry Potter themed meal last year in The Commons and a Harry Potter movie party in Xavier, with our former president dressed up as Dumbledore. There are lots of places on campus reminiscent of  Hogwarts. We also play Quidditch!

Potter PartyPotter Party

This is the Harry Potter Party in Xavier in our second largest lecture hall called Nordquist. People dressed up and congregated in our very own Great Hall!

Potter Party

Here is our former president, President Anderson who served as our president for 20 years, dressed as Headmaster Dumbledore, with our university pastors Nancy and Dennis dressed as Professor Mcgonagall and Hagrid!


Through these Harry Potter type doors is the Cave, which is a great student space for concerts, art showings, and games! Its sort of like the Room of Requirement, where the room becomes whatever you need it to be! Great for secret Defense Against the Dark Arts training!


We have our own Forbidden Forest!

And our own lake complete with giant squid…just kidding. We do have fish and some ducks that visit often!


Hagrid’s hut!


We also play Quidditch at PLU…yes, Quidditch.

Quiditch 1



And if PLU isn’t enough like Hogwarts, you can visit the real deal by studying away! I spent a semester in London and visited Oxford several times which is where the filmed a lot of scenes from the movies! Here are some pictures!


This is the grand stair case!


The Great Hall!

So….PLU or Hogwarts? You don’t have to decide! PLU is the best of both worlds, minus the magic!!!



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