Luke Gillespie

I am currently a sophomore enrolled at Pacific Lutheran University. I am from Naches, WA, which is on the East side of Washington. It is a town of about 800 residents, so coming to PLU and the Tacoma area was a huge change as far as population goes. I am an Environmental Studies major and a literature minor.

luke gillespie
Some could say that I chose PLU very early on in my high school career. My grandparents on my mother’s side were always “raving” about this Lutheran university in Tacoma, and they thought that it would be a good fit for me (my grandmother is a Lutheran pastor). I heard an admissions representative speak to my high school, and I agreed with them: this place could be worth checking out. The first time I ever went to PLU was during the fall of my senior year of high school, during Fall Preview Day. I immediately fell in love with the campus, the community, and everything I was learning about what this school offered. I was also looking at other universities in the Pacific Northwest, in both Oregon and Washington, but none of the others really stood up against PLU. In the end, I chose PLU for three reasons: the music program that offered huge opportunities to expand my musical repertoire and become a memorable music teacher (which was my goal when I first applied here), the study away program that places students on all continents of the world and allows for them to interact with different cultures to expand their global education, and finally the feeling that by attending PLU, I could find what I was truly passionate about-throw myself into that education-and walk away from the university with the intent to make a difference.

PLU is still helping to find the passion that lies inside of me.

The Environmental Studies program thus far has provided me with massive amounts of additional knowledge, a place within the PLU community, and a home away from home. Since declaring, I have been placed on the path the take Environmental Studies classes, and since taking those, I have only been pleased. I decided to choose Environmental Studies as a major because of one professor and one class that I took the 2nd semester of my first year. This class was Conservation of Natural Resources, taught by Prof. Claire Todd, and she completely changed my outlook on the earth, energy, the environment, water, and everything that occurs on the planet that many people may not know about. It was from taking this class with Claire and later having Claire become my advisor that motivated me to declare Environmental Studies as a major, and I have not been disappointed since.

In addition to the Environmental Studies program, I am also involved in the Literature program (as a minor), and possibly thinking about the Anthropology program as well (to make a double-minor). I am also now involved in the Study Away program, which is taking me to England and France in January of 2013, and hopefully Denmark sometime in the following year. I am in a PLU club called Progress, which raises money for children in the Tacoma area that lack health care, and we raise money to help them! I am also involved in Red Carpet Club, giving tours, hosting overnights, eating lunches with prospective students, and telling them my PLU story. Additionally, I am involved in LASR, or Lute Air Student Radio, which is our on-campus, student-run radio station.

Luke Gillespie

Luke Gillespie Luke 2

Hey Look at me exploring the bombtastic Tacoma Glass Museum!


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