Hannah Voss

I am a senior biology major, psychology minor this year at Pacific Lutheran University. I am excited, confident and satisfied with my declared major, and minor; however, it was not always that way. While I did have an interest in the sciences coming into college, ultimately, I really had no idea what I wanted to major in, let alone do with the rest of my life.

Through my first year and a half of college I did not have a declared major, I really experienced the support of those around me at PLU in discovering the areas that I was truly passionate about. PLU has shown me just how valuable all of my passions were, no matter how many passions I had from biology, psychology, music, or my faith to name a few. PLU has helped me see the deeper importance in how when my passions make me come alive, the world around me comes alive too. Realizing this to a greater degree has been a really big part of my experience at PLU, and I am excited to see where that foundation will take me.

hannah voss

My growth in my first year or so at PLU through discovering the importance of all of my passions is just one example of what I have experienced at PLU. I have received so much positive support and encouragement in my time here, and that started before I even set foot on campus as a first year. One of the biggest reasons I chose PLU was because of the amazingly welcoming atmosphere I experienced as a prospective student. I felt that not only was I lucky to possibly be a part of PLU but that the people at the university were excited to have me. The community was uplifting, positive, and friendly. The academic programs were highly respected, rigorous, and exciting. The opportunities to get involved were endless. Through all of that, I felt I could begin to picture myself at PLU without actually be a student yet, and that was because of the welcoming and friendly atmosphere I experienced.

Once on PLU, the positivity I felt as a prospective student continued. Not only did I experience it as I began to choose my major and dive into the academics of the university, but also in the new people I met and in the opportunities I took to get involved. Besides beginning to take biology, psychology, and music classes I also started getting really involved in other campus activities, many of which I am still involved in today. I take voice lessons and am a member of University Chorale, a choral ensemble, both for academic credit. I am Vice President of PLU’s women’s a cappella group, HERmonic, and I also lead a women’s’ bible study through Ignite!, a college ministry on campus that I regularly attend. I work as a Red Carpet Club host giving tours, hosting lunches, and support at campus visit events. These academic opportunities and other experiences have given me the opportunity to grow and refine important skills. I have had opportunities that only come once in a life time such as the privilege to sing at Be the Spark in the Tacoma Dome that Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke at with HERmonic a cappella. I have met amazing friends, and am still continuing to meet new people. I am beyond blessed by my experiences at, and I am forever grateful to PLU for being the catalyst to these opportunities and sparking my passions.

Here's a picture of me pursuing my passions in Ireland!

Here’s a picture of me pursuing my passions in Ireland!


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