Alex Devine

Back upon the playgrounds of Yakima, Washington, I reveled in order and persuasion. The swings were occupied? I could surely arrange a trade with my peers. Mom and Dad say no puppy? A short, yet logical presentation will definitely convince them of my competence. In not so many words, I was born for the business world.

Alex Devine (middle, next to Thomas Krise) welcoming new students into Pflueger Hall.

Alex Devine (middle, next to Thomas Krise) welcoming new students into Pflueger Hall.

After years in high school and running start, my passion and skills for business and communications were honed enough to dive into a college search. Pacific Lutheran University was at the top of my list due to their nationally accredited School of Business, 300 Plus alumni network, and prestigious reputation both regionally and internationally. When I was accepted however, I found that the reasons why PLU is right for me go so much deeper than the statistics and numbers I had originally looked at. Arriving on campus, I lunged at opportunities for involvement and, as my sophomore year draws to a close, I find myself on the Leadership Board of Red Carpet Club, President of the American Marketing Association, and a PR associate for PLU’s MediaLab! These experiences and a change of heart left me doubtful of continuing in the business school. While it was wonderful, I felt my skills and passions lay a little further up the hill in the School of Arts and Communication. So, I changed my major to communication with an emphasis in PR and advertising with the help of my advisor and didn’t skip a beat. After a full semester in the “SOAC” I am confident that I’m where I belong.

alex and pals

Being so certain of my passions, my pathway through education has been easier than most. Even if I had no idea what I wanted to do however, the professors I have encountered would have ignited my curiosity and passion for my vocation! Perhaps the most helpful aspect of my program has been the real-life experience of all my instructors. They share their triumphs and failures with students, in addition to providing hands-on projects that put us immensely ahead of the game as far as competence goes. Not only that, professors and even the Dean are easily accessible and eager to share their knowledge with students. PLU has been the perfect fit for me because I can dabble in different subjects, becoming a well-rounded individual, and still feel supported in my career path.

If you are thinking about the School of Business or the School of Arts and Communication, I would share with you that upon making your choice to attend, you will be supported, challenged, and embraced from day one. Professors will ask you tough questions and hold you to a higher caliber than anything you may have experienced before. There will be projects that take forever, long lines at Coffee bar, and many late nights of hard work, but there will also be the sweet reward of success at the end of the road. You will proudly achieve whatever you set out to because you’ve had the support, experiences, and exposure to diversity held by the Lutes that have come before you.


Alex Devine


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