A Note from Allison McClure


My name is Allison McClure, and I am currently a sophomore here at Pacific Lutheran University. I hail from Richardson, Texas (a ten minute drive away from Dallas) but I also lived all over Southeast Asia and in Italy for three-fourths of my life. I am a Business major with an Accounting concentration, and I also intend to minor in Global Studies with a focus on globalization and trade. I serve as the director of social justice on Residence Hall Council (RHC) in Tingelstad, a programming body for residence halls, and also play on the varsity tennis team.

Here’s some pictures of me and my tennis teammates! (We played some games in California and we got to go to Disneyland!)

Allison McClure    allison

Allison McClure II

You might have seen me in the Fall 2012 edition of U Magazine! That’s because in the little free time that I have, I love taking a break and going to play intramural volleyball with my friends in Olson Gym or on the beach court behind Pflueger Hall.

PLU’s emphasis on a global education, both on and off campus, is one of the reasons that inspired me to travel 3,000 miles away from home on yet another adventure. From the numerous study away opportunities to the perspectives that the diverse faculty present in the classroom, I love how you are immersed in so many differing ideas and cultures as you meet these people with differing backgrounds, life experiences, and heritages!

I also decided to attend PLU because of the care and dedication that the professors and faculty have for students. Applying to many large schools like University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan, I found myself feeling like a number in a class of 700. Coming for my visit to PLU for President’s Weekend in February, I sat in on a general chemistry class. This past fall, I had the same professor for my own chemistry class, and even in a class of over 100 students, he not only remembered my name but also asked me how tennis tryouts were going. Even though I am no longer a chemistry major, that same professor emailed me this past summer with a link to a recent experiment on petroleum alternatives that he thought I would find interesting. Professors here don’t simply engage students academically, but also take the extra step to meet and learn about their students as individuals.

I hope that you have a chance to come visit campus and see for yourself the wonderful community we have here at PLU!


Allison McClure


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