Dylan-Econ and Political Science

dylan bakkaWhy I chose PLU:

Growing up in Texas my entire life, I saw college as a great opportunity to go to an entirely new place. I began by looking at schools in regions that I felt I would enjoy (the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, etc.) and when I came up to PLU to visit I immediately felt a wonderful sense of belonging both with the campus and the people on it. I had narrowed my decision down to University of Texas (a large state school) and PLU, and chose PLU largely for the small class sizes, access to professors, and sense of community. Almost immediately I was reassured that my decision was the correct one by how small my classes were (less than 20) and by how easy it was to talk to and learn from your professors. Within my first year I had been to coffee with a professor and had spent numerous hours in their offices talking to them. Now I am currently a research assistant for one of my professors, and it’s amazing to be able to have these kinds of opportunities, especially when I talk to my friends at UT who rarely see their professor to begin with. I also chose PLU due to the great study away programs available and plan on going to London next fall for a semester.

Why I chose Political Science:

                Political science was a rather easy choice for me, since I had been interested in it all throughout High School. I was able to take a political science class my first semester, and enjoyed the material and the faculty tremendously. It was exciting to learn all the divisions and concentrations within the field, and to be able to take a variety of classes in order to find my niche. I have taken classes in political theory, international relations, the politics of Africa, constitutional law, and more. I love the combination of philosophy, history, and social science within the discipline, as well as the emphasis on current events. Politics in many ways will always be engrained within society, so gaining the tools to analyze relationships within the political realm is very valuable to me.

Why I chose Economics:

                Once I had chosen my political science major, I was deciding whether to major in economics or communications for my other major, and was able to take a communications class my first year as well. My second year I took an economics class and became very interested in the material. I would often find myself wondering about the political side of topics we discussed in economics, and the economic side of topics we discussed in political science. I’ve since found that the blurred line between political science and economics is the most interesting area of study for me. Political infrastructure easily affects economic growth, and knowledge of economics is useful in analyzing many aspects of society and its structure.  Like the political science faculty, the economics faculty is equally dynamic and approachable.

For me, the hardest decision I will have to make is which subject to study in graduate school, because I am so interested in both of them—particularly where they intersect.



One thought on “Dylan-Econ and Political Science

  1. Yay Texas! I can concur about choosing PLU over UT or another large state school. My professors like to (jokingly) tease me about how I am always showing up to class with snacks..

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