Amy’s Letter to a Prospective Student

My name is Amy Olsen, I am a senior at PLU this year (2012-2013) and will graduate in May. I am majoring in Biology with minors in Hispanic Studies and Religion. I want to become a high school biology teacher and teach in a highly Spanish speaking school district.  I grew up in Caldwell, Idaho but after 3 years at PLU, I consider Washington my home. I am involved with a range of clubs and activities on campus. I have been involved with the Biology Club on campus for 4 years being secretary of the club for two years. I am very involved with Campus Ministry and University Congregation or UCong and am the Vice President of UCong council this year.

amy olsen 2


I have danced since I was in 3rd grade and have loved being able to participate in so many dance related activates and productions on campus including various clubs and Dance Ensemble, a student lead production composed of all types of dance that takes place every Spring. I have also loved being involved with the community through volunteer and community service activities. My Junior year I volunteered at an elementary school with Spanish speaking children and this year I am teaching English to Spanish speaking adults in the area. Throughout the years I have worked for the Admissions Office as a PLU Tour Guide, with the Biology department as a Lab T.A for the introductory biology classes and as a Front Desk Worker in the Residence Halls.

new amy  Here I am in Oaxaca!

I choose PLU for a number of reasons.  When looking at prospective colleges and universities I knew small class size and campus size was what I wanted and needed. I loved interacting with my teachers in high school and knew I would want to be able to have that same interaction with my professors throughout college. I also loved how PLU offered a liberal arts education. I love learning and have a diverse range of interest and PLU has allowed me to be able to take many classes outside of my major and minors. When I visited campus I noticed a really tight knit community feel and that really drew me towards PLU. I have felt this community feel in every aspect of my life at PLU. I love the welcoming attitude that is present all over campus.

I could not be happier with my choice of PLU and if I had to do it all over again PLU would win every time. I have had so many amazing opportunities during my PLU education. Some of my favorites have been studying away in Oaxaca, Mexico for a semester and Budapest Hungary for the month of January, creating relationships with my professors, working at a Lutheran bible camp during the summers and being provided with the materials to transition from high school to college and now from college to graduate school. (I plan on attending a Masters Program next year and would love to have another year at PLU!!… that is how much I love it!) While I have been able to succeed in my classes, work on campus, be involved with clubs and organizations I have also loved making friends and having tons of fun! One other reason I love PLU is because there is always so much to do on campus, which I think goes hand in hand with the tight knit community we have here. I have loved going to dances in the Cave, homecoming and spring formal, participating in Relay for Life, listening to different speakers who have come to campus, going to sporting events of all types, residence hall and residence wing events and so much more. I really have felt like the opportunities at PLU are endless!



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